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WELCOME to The Presentation Coach Avantgo Site!

The purpose of this website is to assist individuals who want to accomplish better results when making presentations. With the trend toward do-it-yourself presentations, many professionals no longer have available professional speechwriters, graphic designers and technical support teams. The skills necessary to create powerful presentations that achieve good results do not come as 'second-nature' to many folks - but through coaching, these skills can be developed.

I have been creating and preparing presentations for executives of all levels for over 30 years and have a great deal of insight into the things that work - and things that don't. From research to writing to design and delivery, I can assist in developing your skills and building presentations that achieve specific results. Whether we work together on a single project or on an ongoing basis to fine-tune your skills, the results should be well worth the investment.

I will be posting a new article on some aspect of presentation-making each week. Please feel free to email questions or ideas as they may come to you on this subject!

Phil Yoder
The Presentation Coach
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