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In order to design and produce a presentation that accomplishes goals and objectives, a clear understanding of expectations is essential.  Answering the following questions will help form presentation content and clarify real objectives. Regardless of the presentation technology to be utilized, having answers to these questions will allow efficient production and an appropriate solution.

1:Who is the primary audience?
What is their relationship to you?
What is their present knowledge level about your presentationís topic?
Do they hold any particular bias or attitude toward the topic?
What is their average age, education level, income level etc.?
2:What do you want to accomplish with this audience?
Is the goal one of education, information, persuasion, or motivation?
What should they know, feel, or do differently after the presentation?
Is there a problem you expect to solve with this presentation?
3:How important is it that the above goals are achieved?
Rank this effort relative to other (sales, training, communications) programs?
What is the potential for your company if this program works?
What is the worst that can happen if it doesn't?
4:Under what circumstances will the audience view this presentation?
What is the physical setting? (hotel, client office, convention, your facilities)
What will the stated purpose of the presentation/meeting be?
What/who precedes and follows your presentation?
What length of time is available for your TOTAL presentation?
5:What comparable presentations have you seen?
Have you viewed similar efforts from others that you liked?
Have you viewed competitive presentations?
What are their strong points? Weak points?
6:What is your timetable and what resources are available?
What is the ideal completion date?
What existing visual and/or written resources are available on the topic?
Do you have topic/content experts available to consult?
Do you have customers/suppliers that will assist?

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