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A lot has been discussed about what makes a good website vs. a bad one.  Unfortunately, the appearance and novelty features of sites often get more attention than the more important issues of content, audience and objectives. In the coming months, we'll have a great more to say about using websites as presentation platforms since we do a great deal of WebCasting.  For now - lets just list the
The Top 10 Components Of A Truly Professional Website

Your Website can be attractive and produce results without a major investment. Use as many of the following ideas as possible to make it a great one.
1. Content.
Provide expert up-to-date content.  If it changes often, then develop a way to update it often.
2. Attractive photographic images.
Place professional color photos on your site. Go beyond amateur digital photos and show an activity, a natural symbol, or something that creates
accurate associations.
3. Custom graphics and coordinated colors.
Doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, just pleasing.
4. Contact information.
E-mail, phone, and fax numbers in an unobtrusive way.
5. A free offer for something of value.
Something of value - typically timely and helpful information.
6. A free ‘subscription’ offer.
Gives you a reason to keep your business in front of the visitor with occasional e-mail, fax, or direct mail.
7. An interactive assessment tool.
Provides the guest an opportunity to discover something about themselves.
8. Quotes, customer applications & case studies.
These are easy to get, just ask. Help your visitor see themselves in the stories .
9. Purposeful animation.
Animated graphics can be designed to help attract attention and assist your guest in navigating in your site.
10. A reason to return.
Provide changing content in part or all of your site to encourage repeat visits.

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