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What is a Presentation Coach?

In answering this question - it is appropriate to first define a 'presentation' and narrow our focus to better position the expertise and value of Presentation Coaching.

The context in which we use the word 'presentation' surrounds the many events in our business and personal lives where we 'deliver a message' or 'share thoughts, ideas and concepts' with an audience. Normally, we anticipate that our 'presentation' will cause our audience to 'think, feel, say, know, or do' something differently after experiencing our presentation. Obviously, when the stakes are high and the outcome is important, we need to do everything possible to ensure that our audiences will react as we want them to react.

Just as we invest heavily in articulate lawyers to argue important legal cases, and seasoned statesmen to negotiate sensitive international disputes, our day-to-day sales, training and informational presentations also warrant an appropriate investment of time and resources. Without careful planning and a deliberate process in building a presentation, the outcome will be less predictable.

THE key element of any presentation is PERSUASION. We want to persuade our audience to see things from our point-of-view; we want to persuade them to purchase our product, to endorse our candidate, to learn our techniques, or vote for our proposal. If we succeed, our presentation was successful - - if we don't, it failed.

A Presentation Coach assists individuals who have important presentations to make - who want to be more persuasive and want to improve their success rate. A Presentation Coach addresses many issues . . . audience analysis, objectives, content organization, writing, graphics, technology utilization, delivery style and results assessment . . . and helps presenters become proficient with all. Where appropriate, a Presentation Coach assists with scripting, graphic design support, technology interfacing, rehearsals and staging.

Presentation Coaching can be accomplished via face-to-face meetings, telephone, e-mail or a combination of methods - focused on a single important presentation or designed to impact ongoing presentation challenges.

Phil Yoder has been assisting corporate, sales and association executives build and deliver successful presentations for thirty years in a variety of settings and circumstances. Clients include both small and large companies as well as non-profits. Contact Phil to discuss what he can do for you!

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